Community Go Giver
Community Go Giver Event
Community Go Giver Event
July 25th - 27th, 2018
2701 W. 45th St., Gary, IN
Featured Speakers
Tom Olson - Good Success
Tom Olson
Walter Wofford - Good Success
Walter Wofford
Walter Wofford - Good Success
Jim Ingersoll
Jeffrey Taylor
Event Agenda
Day 1

Featured Speaker:
Jim Ingersol

Finding Great Deals

Construction - Investors working with contractors

Rehab Process
Day 2

Featured Speakers:
Tom Olson
Jeffrey Taylor

Active Turnkey

Buying Turnkeys

Property Management

Day 3

Featured Speaker:
Walter Wofford

Low Income Housing

Two Note Model

Lunch will be provided all three days.

Each day we will spend a couple of hours in the field looking at houses.
Valuable Service Providers
Sharper Business Solutions will be process mapping the "Fix and Flip Process."

National Real Estate Insurance Group will be educating and answering questions on insurance for your properties.

Quest IRA will be educating on the power of an IRA.
$897 for 1 Seat
$1,197 for 2 Seats
Only 80 Seats Will Be Sold!
There will be no extra seats sold at the last minute. Once we sell out, you are out of luck.
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